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Sonex Africa Family
This page is dedicated to Sonex, Waiex, Xenos and OneX builders & owners across the African continent.  This also serves as a platform where owners and builders can share their adventures, technical knowledge and experiences.  We will continuously be updating this page and our database as our Sonex family grows.

The current statistics with regards to Sonex products are as follows:
Country / SA Province
Eastern Cape
Cape Town
Free State
In total, 18 kits or aircraft in various stages of completion are on African soil or are already experiencing the spirit of the African skies.

Let’s hear what some “family members” have to say (or show) about their aircraft:
Jack Onderstal, Bloemfontein (Sonex Tricycle gear and AeroVee engine)
“It’s like assembling a Mechano set…”  According to Jack, there was nothing that a first time builder cannot overcome during the build process.  He also added that the plans are comprehensive and technical assistance from the Sonex guys is speedy and precise. 

Jack is the backbone of the EAA in Bloemfontein and the Sonex experience truly supports what the EAA stand for.  Proving flights for his Sonex will commence soon.  Watch this space!
Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family            
Jonathan Low, Kwazulu-Natal (OneX standard gear with AeroVee engine)
Jonathan has made history by bringing the first OneX kit into Africa.  Being a total new design and the latest product Sonex Aircraft,LLC  has to offer, this single seater has basically the same flying characteristics as the Sonex, just “sportier”.  It however boast new features like a folding wing and simplified aluminium landing gear, making the already easy to build kits even simpler.

According to Jonathan, he is thoroughly enjoying his building experience.  His workmanship, as evident from his photos, is something to aspire to.  Jonathan stated that he expects completion by March 2013.  His progress can followed on the Avcom forum under the “Our Aircraft” section.

(Click on this link:

Jonathan is building his 2nd OneX and decided to pack some oomph under the cowling. This little pocket rocket in the making is boasting a 6-cylinder Jabiru motor. We cannot wait to see this OneX racer in action…

Thanks Jonathan for the use of your project photos.
Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family
Larry McGillewie, Eastern Cape (Waiex, Standard gear with Jabiru 2200 engine)
Larry is another pioneer who has imported and built the first Waiex on the African continent.  We have met Larry at the recent EAA event in Bloemfontein where he passionately shared his experiences in his Waiex with us.  He described the handling characteristics as responsive and solid.  According to Larry, his example has also been put through aerobatic sequences, which had more than proved this little Y-tail’s capabilities.

Larry is an instructor and owns a flying school in Grahamstown. 

This photo was taken on its maiden flight without all the fairings and spats.  Larry has promised to send us some recent photos of his completed aircraft.
Sonex Africa Family                
Phillip Darne, Eastern Cape (Sonex, Standard gear with AeroVee engine)
Philip has built his Sonex to give his daughter, who is an avid aviator, the opportunity to do aerobatics.  Well suited for this purpose in mind, it also brings a level of affordability not generally experienced in this sport.  While Philip is still “fine tuning” his Sonex, he is also finishing off a Whisper motor-glider.

His Sonex is finished in the old SAAF Harvard’s day glow colour scheme, which brings some nostalgia to the African Sonex family.  We will share Rego’s review, as the test pilot for this particular project, as soon as he mails it to us.

Photos:  Rego and Philip’s daughter somewhere over the Eastern Cape and the nearly completed Sonex sporting its attractive “Harvard” colour scheme.
Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family    
Gary Whitecross, Gauteng (Sonex builder)
Another exciting build is being done by Gary Whitecross from Springs Airfield, Gauteng. Gary has completed the tail section and is planning to have the fuselauge done by end of January to mid February. Best of luck Gary. We are looking forward to following your progress.
Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family        
Tobie Eramus from Thabazimbi (tri-cycle gear OneX)
Tobie Eramus from Thabazimbi is progressing steadily on his tri-cycle gear OneX. He is taking great joy out of the building process, which is evident in his attention to detail and quality workmanship that goes into this aircraft.
Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family          
Len du Preez (Waiex)

The latest addition to the Sonex family is Len du Preez. He is building a Waiex and making exceptional progress. The monster of a Waiex spar, which makes it possible for you to yank and bank any Sonex product with confidence. Exceptional workmanship, Len!

Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family   Sonex Africa Family        
Please feel free to contact us to share your photos, experiences and adventures with the rest of the Sonex, Waiex, OneX (and future Xenos) owners and aviators. Your information will also assist us to organise a Sonex fly-inn / get-together event in the near future. Any ideas in this regard will be welcomed.
Sonex Africa
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