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About Sonex Africa
Proud Distributor of Sonex Aircraft, LLC Products
Sonex Africa is proud to be the distributor of Sonex Aircraft, LLC’s quality performance aircraft for the African continent. Their products support our mission which is ... offer a cost effective range of quality aviation related performance products and services to the wider Light Sport Aviation and Soaring Community through committed customer service throughout the continent of Africa...

You will not get better performance per Rand for any LSA aircraft in South Africa. Besides the low operation and ownership cost, all our products are rated for aerobatics. Not up for aerobatics? Well, surely it gives piece of mind knowing you are flying something that can handle whatever Mother Nature is throwing at you!

The superb handling qualities of all Sonex aircraft are aimed at pure sports flying fun and will meet a wide spectrum of LSA pilots personal missions. Easy to fly and economical to maintain, these all metal performers will put more than just a smile on your face... You will be left with some money in the bank as well!

Aircraft and AeroVee engines are available as kits, or as ready-to-fly aircraft. Phone or Email us if you want to experience the Spirit of the African Skies...
Sonex Africa
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