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Sonex Africa
Jerremy Monnett , John Monnett, Betty Monnett, Neil Cooper (Sonex Africa) and Mark Schaible.
Sonex Africa
A busy moment during the workshop with Kerry Forbes (middle) giving some pointers to the attendees.
Sonex Workshop 2012
What a delightful experience to have visited the Monnett’s and their Sonex facility during their recent October workshop session.  This is a place where fun comes first and business success just follows.  Their business model and pristine office and warehouse environments is something to aspire to for many small to medium businesses.

Besides all this, the workshop was very informative and inspirational for any aspirant aircraft homebuilder. This workshop has made it clear that building an aircraft, such as the Sonex range of products, is actually much simpler than one can imagine. Being a simple kit to assemble, the plans and instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow, which makes the task of training the parts to fly in close formation a fun project.

A meeting that followed the workshop, concluded the partnership agreement between Sonex Aircraft, LLC and Sonex Africa. A benefit to our mutual clients is that the “red tape” of international trade will become less of a hassle when dealing with a local agent. Moreover, products will be supported locally through exceptional client service..
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Sonex Africa
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