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New SubSonex
By now all Sonex enthusiasts have probably heard about the SubSonex prototype that has made its debut at Oshkosh 2012.  Good news is that the JSX-2, the improved model, are well underway in its development.  Numerous enhancements have been incorporated into the latest design, which include retractable gear and a ballistic parachute.  The JSX-2 boasts a larger cockpit and the flight duration have been increased by incorporating a fuel tank with larger capacity. 

This “Jet in a box”, as referred to by Bob Carlton in his article published in the December 2012 issue of the AOPA Pilot and Turbine Pilot magazines, has successfully been put through its test flights.
Sonex Africa is following the development of the little jet closely and hopes to add this aeroplane to its current line of products in the near future.

The following link will take you to the “Hornets Nest” if you want to read more about the SubSonex JSX-2:
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